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DAUI3776There is life after your DNP!

I’ve been an educator, researcher and mentor for advanced practice nurses getting published for many years. The DNP is a degree that is in transition. The purpose of this site is to share practical tips to supplement I book I write for Springer Publishing. The Book: How to Disseminate your DNP Project will be released later this year. You can buy a copy of my book with step to step instructions on how to disseminate your DNP Project:  click here

I have over 50 publications as an author or co-author, many more articles have been a part of my mentoring. I am here for you too.
Google Scholar: http://bit.ly/Stonerscholar

Here are some of my recent publications:

Dodd-Butera, T., & Smith-Stoner, M. (2016). “Top Ten” List: A Brief Report of Adult Poisoning and Prevention Tips. Home Healthcare Now, 34(5), 254-258. doi:10.1097/NHH.0000000000000393

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