This is the table of content of my soon to be published text from Springer Publishing. I will be providing examples of the innovative 


ways you can disseminate you DNP and other projects.

Chapter 1: Why take the time to disseminate your work?
Chapter 2: Clarifying research-focused or practice-focused
Chapter 3: Choosing a method of presenting your project (written vs oral, print vs.
Chapter 4: Determining the unique contribution what your project adds to healthcare
Chapter 5: Identify existing resources to support dissemination of project (writing,
graphic design, public speaking assistance, intellectual property rights,
student handbook)
Chapter 6: Group dissemination projects


Unit II:  Introducing Types of Dissemination Methods
Chapter 7:  Print: publication in a professional print  journal or other publication
Chapter 8:  Print: publication in lay magazine, newsletter, or other forums
Chapter 9:  Internal publications: handbooks, policy and procedure manuals, patient
education material
Chapter 10:  Digital media: websites, eBooks, podcasts and videos
Chapter 11:  Multimedia: Television and radio interviews as an expert
Chapter 12: Creative presentations, infographics, art and other performances

Unit III: Disseminating work via print methods

Chapter 13  Assembling your publication support team
Chapter 14:  Print: publication in lay magazine, newsletter or other forums
Chapter 16: Print: publication in a professional print journal or other publication
(identifying journal, author guidelines and timelines)
Chapter 17:  Speaking to editors, webmasters, practice committees
Chapter 18:  Initial submission of work
Chapter 19:  Rejection and Revisions
Chapter 20:  Acceptance and follow-up

Unit IV: Disseminating work via oral presentation methods

Chapter 21: Podium presentation to professionals: conferences, posters
Chapter 22: Presentations to lay/community audiences
Chapter 23: Multimedia: videos, photographs and online repositories
Chapter 24: Blogs


Unit V: Disseminating work via art and performance methods

Chapter 25: Using your talents and interests to do something innovative
Chapter 26: Disseminating an artful scholarly presentation

Unit 6: This is the beginning

Chapter 27: The first dissemination of your work is the hardest
Chapter 28: Your nursing career and continually building on the first step
Chapter 29: Using the work to further your career


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