Playlists and EBP

Caregivers of elderly patients who are at end of life or are part of the “old-old” experience many stressors. Much of their stress goes unnoticed or unexplored by healthcare professionals.  There is a wide variety of research and nonresearch that describes the many and complex issues caregivers face. A short list of excellent research is included here.

Silent strain of caregiving: exploring the best predictors of distress in family carers of geriatric patients

The contributions of family care-givers at end of life: A national post-bereavement census survey of cancer carers’ hours of care and expenditures

Palliative Care and the Family Caregiver: Trading Mutual Pretense (Empathy) for a Sustained Gaze (Compassion)

For DNP students considering a project to support caregivers of people who are coming to the end of life can think about the many wonderful songs that describe the stresses, commitment, and benefits of caring for a loved one.  Songs do not need to have been written for a caregiver role. Rather the songs can express the findings from the literature search, practice guidelines and standards of care.

Some older songs that tell the story many of us know from caring for elderly patients with complex problems, many are true stories of aging and caregiving

Kathy Mattea Where have you been?                           Kathy Mattea That’s the Deal              Jamie Johnson  In Color

Craig Morgan This Ain’t Nothin                                    Ed Sheeran   Afire Love                        Beatles Help!

Here are some suggestions. Laday Gaga’s currently hot, <illions Reasons is something many caregivers can relate to